EIFTRI Building Inauguration

On September 1, 2016, EIFTRI inaugurated its G+5 building at the presence of the vice governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia, His excellency Ato Getahun Nana, Board chairman of AEMFI, Ato Teklewoyni Assefa, General managers of member microfinance institutions, and other partners.

The building was built by a close collaboration effort contributed by member microfinance institutions and the Association of Ethiopian Microfiannce Institution (AEMFI). The building has 27 bed rooms and 3 offices. The primary purpose of the building is to provide accommodation for participants who will be attending the residential training program EIFTRI aims to deliver from time to time.

Since EFITRI will not be offering trainings throughout the year, at times when there are no trainings, the building will provide a guest house service to generate income for supporting the training and research center. The name of the guest house is “inclusive hostel”, that reflects the financial inclusion agenda that AEMFI-EIFTRI promotes as its major issue.

AEMFI-EIFTRI has already gotten the necessary licenses to offer the guest house services. The building is also furnished with all necessary amenities and staffs recruitment is also completed. The inauguration of the building marked the day the hostel begins delivering guest house services.