What do we offer?

  • Education: Training in the area of inclusive finance at the Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Masters Degree
  • Research: Undertake research that aims at enhancing the role and contribution of inclusive finance in the sustainable economic development of the country and lead towards poverty reduction.
  • Knowledge Management: Disseminate research findings by organizing thematic seminars, workshops and conferences.

What makes us unique?

  • We provide short term training programs throughout the year in order to fulfill the short and mid-term training needs of the actors in the inclusive finance sector
  • Our graduate program provides the theory, methodologies, best practices, and appropriate techniques for managing effective, efficient, vibrant and sustainable inclusive finance service providing institutions.
  • Our programs encourage trainees and students to engage in analytical discourse on poverty alleviation and produce research output designed to discern progressive advancements within the sector that lead to greater social and economic development.