Training to MFI officers on Marketing and Customer Service- February 16-20, 2015

The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) is implementing the MicroLead programme in Ethiopia to promote financial access to the poor by building/promoting savings lead market leaders. As a part of the programme, the consortium of BASICS Ltd of India and PAMIGA of France has been providing a series of training programmes to the MFI sector as a whole through AEMFI. The thematic areas for the training are being selected by AEMFI in consultation with the MFI sector.  Most of the trainings were provided in the ToT model. The objective of the trainings was to increase the human resources capacity of MFIs.   As a part of this initiative, BASIX, is now conducting training to MFI officers on “Marketing and Customer Service”.


The main objective of this training is to ensure that a strong training package is delivered to managers to equip them with the knowledge and improve the understanding on Marketing and Customer Service.

Scope of the training

  • Training will be conducted in AEMFI office
  • Training will consist of ……….. people from MFIs belongs to marketing and operation team
  • Training will be for four days
  • Training materials to be provided by the service provider

 Desired outcomes

  • MFI officers will acquire a new skills on marketing and customer service;
  • Equipped and acquainted with the tools that support marketing;
  • Equipped and acquainted with tools for customer service.

Venue: AEMFI training Hall