AEMFI in collaboration with ADA microfinance (Luxembourg) has organized a three day workshop on  ‘Financial and Social Performance Indicators for MFIs. The workshop will be facilitated by Microfact, initiative of ADA (Luxembourg) and BRS (Belgium).

ADA and BRS share a common interest and purpose of increasing access to financial services through the provision of quality microfinance services. It recognizes the greater need to propagate, strengthen and enhance the availability of microfinance services.

The general objective of the workshop is to give MFIs a better insight in the actual financial and social situation of their own organization and their position in the market of microfinance. This peer-to-peer learning workshop will give better insights on the financial performance. Specific attention will be given to the communication about the financial performance with all stakeholders of an MFI (clients, staff, board, investors,etc).

The 3 day workshop includes:

  • Analyzing performance in microfinance – the microfinance key performance indicators in the following areas: Portfolio Quality, Efficiency and Productivity, Financial Management, Profitability and sustainability and Social Performance
  • Enhance the skills and capacity of management in interpreting ratios, analyzing financial trends, positioning themselves within the industry (benchmarks) and identifying key areas of risk to mitigate
  • Promotion of the exchange of knowledge and experience among participating MFIs
  • How to use the MFI Fact sheet tool in your day-to-day management and in your communication with the stakeholders